Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Innonce Project

On February 13 2009, the Innocence Project launched a s.696 application for a Ministerial Review on behalf of Leon Walchuk. The application includes an extensive fire investigative report contradicting most of the Crown witness testimony which resulted in Walchuk's second degree murder conviction.

A second expert was also consulted by the Innocence Project, who arrived at a similar conclusion. All information was forwarded to the Criminal Conviction Revve Group in support of the application to have the conviction overturned.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Update from The Innocence Project

Finally, after months of delays, again, The Innocence Project is ready to submit their 696 application to the Convictions Review Group.In addition, the Saskatchewan Justice Department has sent confirmation regarding Supreme Court rules in this province which states that Leon's case does not have to be heard by the Supreme Court prior to being reviewed by the Convictions Review Group.Once this 696 application is submitted and the review commences, Leon will have the opportunity to apply for bail pending the Review Group's decision. We are confident that this would be a successful court application.The application being filed is very favorable to Leon in proving his innocence. The scientific evidence contained in this application can not be refuted and this continuing cover up will not continue.