Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It has now been 3 years since the CBC documentary, "Tainted Evidence - Forensics on Trial" was shown. It has also been 3 years since I applied to the Crimnal Conviction Review Group for a Judicial Review of my case. This application was significant new evidence supporting my claim of innocence.

Mid June 2009 will mark 9 years that I have spent in prison waiting for this nightmare to come to an end. In light of the strong case I have it was hoped that the CCRG would have already acted accordingly and had moved things along. As of today, June 1 2009 nothing has happened and I sit here wandering what is taking so long.

I realize that mine is not the only case that the CCRG has to deal with, but that being said, the amount of materials put forward for the review could / should have been able to have been dealt with in a matter of weeks or possibly months but not years.

When it comes to these types of legal matters it seems that theere are unlimited resources when the government chooses to try to convict an individual but when it comes to dealing with wrongful convictions the effort appears to disappear. In my last 9 years of trying to get my conviction overturned, the impression that I have got is that the powers involved in dealing with this would just as soon see the matter would simply, quietly go away rather then to see true justice delivered.

Justice Delayed = Justice Denied

My lawyers and myself are now waiting for the CCRG to announce that they have completed their initial assessment. Once they have done so we will then be able to make an application for my release while the rest of the process is completed. Given the strong evidence put forward by us in this matter, and the amount of time that has already passed, positive action is expected soon.